Nature and sightseeing trips

All boat rides includes saftey gear apropriate for the conditions.

Fjord excursion

Want to see the fjords from the water, join us for a boat ride trough the 7 fjord system of northern Vesterålen.

Duration: 1-2h
Suitable for everyone
Maximum 7 people
Price: 250€


We drop you of at the old fish industry at the base of the montain Tinden, from there you can follow a hiking trail along the island untill you get to Shipsnes, where there is a resturaunt on the island where you can enjoy lunch before we come and pick you back up.

Duration: about 3h
Some easy hiking required
Maximum 7 people
Price: 300€

Lunch avalible but not included

Lunch avalability subject to restaurant opening times

Full day sightsseing

We take you by car for a sightsseeing trip around the most scenic and intresting spots in Vesterålen. We will stop for lunch at some local restaurant during the tour. A perfect way to spend a day when the wind is to strong for fishing.

Duration: about 6h
Suitable for everyone
Maximum 4 people
Price: 400€ Lunch stop avalible, lunch not included

Aurora over the fjords

When autumn starts knocking on our door the auroras return. And aurora over the fjords and montains can be something quite spectacular indeed. We will go by car and look for clear sky and dark spots with good viewing conditions We also have a professional camera to imortalize your experience.

Duration: about 3h
Beginner level
Maximum 4 people
Price: 400€

Includes soft drinks and a light snack

Only avalible in september and march


Anytime you are out on the water you have a chance to see whales. Porpoises are very common inside the fjords and we see them several times a week. Orcas are a bit more of a rarity, but we still see them once a week or so. And other whales like Minkeh whale, Fin whales, Sei whales and humpbacks can be seen ocasionally.

We don't provide any specificc whalewatching trips, but any trip by boat has a chance to see them.

Cheeky birds

The bird life in Norway is extremely rich, and we see a large variety of bords on every trip we do. Gulls and eagles are amongst the most common ones troughout the year. During summer we often see puffins as well. Other commonly seen birds are Guillemots, Gannets, Little auks, Cormorons and Fulmars.

We see a lot of birds on pretty much every boat trip.

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